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IRA Passed! Historic Win in the Fight Against Climate Change

We are so thrilled about the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022! This game-changing bill is the most significant federal climate and clean[...]

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Last Chance For Your 26% Solar Tax Credit!

**Update: Well, none of our crystal balls saw it coming, but happily this blog post, written as we were trying to settle in for the sunset of the federal tax[...]

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Solar Insure offers extra confidence to solar and battery owners

Solar energy systems and home battery storage installations are on the rise, with a 30% increase in residential installations in the US last quarter. Many[...]

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The Future of Solar is So Bright We’ve Gotta Wear Shades

Led by our super positive co-founders Joe and Herve—pictured above at a company tubing party—here at Ipsun we're always looking for good news in the fight[...]

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10 Tips to Help You Compare Solar Proposals

Lately, we've had a few potential customers call asking us for that free solar they heard about on social media, or from the flyer that was stuck in their[...]
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Battery Backup Basics: Your top six questions about home battery storage

This week, we volunteered at a local day camp with a Harry Potter theme. Dressed as Professor Tonks, complete with purple hair and combat boots, I showed 140[...]

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Can going solar right now inflation-proof your home?

Inflation is top of mind for most people these days. When the government reported last Friday that consumer prices climbed 8.6 percent over the year through[...]

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Solar in the mix: How clean is the grid and how fast is it changing?

Lots of our customers go solar to get a 100% clean energy source, which the grid can’t offer. But how clean is the grid and how is it expected to change in the[...]

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Ipsun and Rocklands celebrate the first-ever C-PACE in Virginia!

It was great to celebrate the ribbon-cutting of the first-ever C-PACE financed solar project in Virginia at Rocklands BBQ and Grilling in Arlington. Ipsun is[...]

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Why is my utility bill going up? And will it continue to rise?

The recent rise in energy prices in our area is not only causing an increase at the pump, but also causing utility bills to soar. The reasons for both[...]

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