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The Ipsun App Keeps You Informed of Every Step in Your Solar Journey

Some of the most frequent questions we get from our customers are about what to expect during the solar process. We want to make the entire process as[...]

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Why isn't my solar system producing at full power—what is inverter clipping?

We've had a lot of sunny days lately, the kind you'd think would be the best for producing solar energy. But instead, sunny days for us sometimes mean we're[...]

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What can consumers do to fight inflation?

Inflation is at a 50-year high with no sign of letting up, and the cost of goods is continuing to rise. Is there anything that consumers can do to fight[...]

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7 Key Actions You Can Take to Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day

Happy Earth Day, all! It's a great time to reflect on what Earth Day means to us, and on what we can do to protect our beautiful home. Here you’ll find ideas[...]

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Tax Time Tips to Claim Your 26% Solar Credit

 While tax time may not be the most fun, calculating your solar tax credit shouldn't be too much of an extra hardship. Especially when it saves you 26% on[...]

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How to request HOA approval for your solar project

If you’ve planned a solar project for your home and you have a homeowners association (HOA) in your neighborhood, it’s possible you’ll be asked to submit some[...]

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Sun Quiz: What's your solar owner personality type?

The flock of people out there who have gone solar grows bigger and more diverse every year. They’re all responsible for getting solar installed on their[...]

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Off-Grid Solar Pros and Cons

Going off the grid is a dream for many people. On paper, energy independence, living free of the utility company, and using only renewable energy sound like[...]

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Electric School Buses are Best for Kids' Health & Future; Best for Fairfax County

Electric school buses may not be well known yet, but the classic yellow U.S. school buses are known worldwide. Even as a Belgian, I knew about them because of[...]

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Can I walk on solar panels? Yes, but you shouldn't.

We are asked many times if a person can walk on solar panels. 

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