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Should I Replace My Roof Before Going Solar?

If you're thinking about solar, you've probably asked yourself these questions: Is my roof in good enough shape to support a solar energy system? How do I[...]

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Save More Money and Get Zero Emissions with your EV: Go Solar!

We are so hyped about the massive trend toward electric vehicles right now. As the cost continues to drop, more people are realizing that owning an EV both[...]

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Earth Day Action! Call on Your Legislators to support Environmental Justice

We've been thinking about Environmental Justice today--both what it is and how to achieve it. It's clear we need systemic change to reach our climate goals,[...]

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Celebrate Earth Month by Supporting the 30 Million Solar Homes Campaign

April is Earth Month, and to celebrate, we're supporting Solar United Neighbors (SUN)'s 30 Million Solar Homes Campaign. We hope you will too! Today, April[...]

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Ipsun is Proud to be a B Corp!

As we say hello to spring, we're wrapping up March as official B Corporation month and reflecting on the benefits of B Corp Certification.
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Enphase Battery System Streamlines Your Solar + Storage Experience

Energy storage is a hot topic these days. We all know that our country's aging grid systems are failing more often, and storms are getting stronger. As we[...]

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Virginia Legislative Session Wraps with Wins for Solar, EVs and Climate

The lightning-quick legislative session in Virginia ended on February 27th, and we’re still sorting out the many wins for solar, electric vehicles and[...]

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Spread the Sunshine! DC Solar For All Program Brings Free Solar to Qualified DC Residents

Who among us would not love a free solar energy system? DC Solar for All is offering just that, and Ipsun is proud to have been selected as an installer[...]
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When the grid goes down, we all need some backup. Your top five questions about Tesla Powerwall.

We're hearing from our friends and family in the midst of the winter storm in Texas, and hoping everyone there stays safe and warm. It may take some time[...]

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Action Alert: VA SRECs are in danger. Please submit your comments!

The Virginia State Corporation Commission is currently setting the rules for the Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA)'s solar carveout, which will affect the[...]
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