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What the heck is an SREC?

Solar Renewable Energy Credits, or SRECs, are a type of solar incentive that help speed up the return on your solar investment. SRECs aren’t available in[...]

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How Solar Works: The Technology, the Cost and the Process

Solar energy is now officially the least expensive type of energy over coal and gas. But what does this mean for you? Understanding the basics of how solar[...]

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Ipsun Celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day

Today, on Indigenous Peoples' Day, Ipsun would like to acknowledge the traditional, ancestral territory of the Manahoac tribe in Fairfax County, upon[...]
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Ipsun's Sunny Summer Art Contest winners learn about solar energy and win ice cream!

Here at Ipsun, we love fall, but right now we're still celebrating summer as we announce the winners of our3rd Annual Sunny Summer Art Contest! In the past[...]

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33 more days until the election. What's your voting action plan?

We refuse to be bullied into apathy. Today, we're fired up and looking for more things we can do to help get out the vote and do our part for democracy. We[...]

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Four Steps to Big Savings When You Go Solar for Your Business

As companies like Apple, Amazon, Walmart and Target join the solar energy revolution, it’s becoming clear that powering your business on renewable energy is[...]

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The National Solar Tour Starts Today!

Bringing this ever-popular weeklong event online gives everyone even more opportunity to learn and participate. Sign up for your favorite sessions today!

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I drive electric and so can you!

To celebrate the upcoming National Drive Electric Week, today’s blog post comes from former Ipsun Solar marketing manager (and forever member of the Ipsun[...]

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Your Top Five Questions About Solar Panels, Answered!

Often when people think about going solar, it's the idea of saving money or saving the environment that drives them. But how much do you know about the[...]

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Enter the Ipsun Sunny Summer Art Contest!

Calling all elementary school kids! It's time for the annual Art of Ipsun Sunny Summer Art Contest! Let's celebrate the last few weeks of summer, the sun,[...]

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