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    Pink Energy's demise highlights 6 ways to tell a good solar installer from a bad apple

    At Ipsun Solar, we have been crestfallen to see the many households and employees hurt by Pink Energy’s closure and bankruptcy. Without warning, the seemingly[...]

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    Solar Maintenance: The Ipsun Platinum Protection Plan Delivers Top Performance

    Solar energy is a smart, cost-effective, and sustainable way to power your home, but like any other system on your home, it could require service to ensure[...]

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    Qcells Solar Panels: Ipsun's Choice for American-Made Reliability and Performance

    We love Qcells solar panels for their combination of great price, aesthetics, warranty, and performance. But now we love them even more because of their $2.5B[...]

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    Ipsun's 2022: So much accomplished, and an exciting year ahead!

    Happy New Year, Ipsun Fam! We're wishing you a happy, healthy 2023. This year marks a turning point for the solar industry and for the fight against climate[...]

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    The 12 Gifts of Solar: a dozen ways every project spreads cheer

    'Tis the season to give tokens of love to the people near and dear to us. As we all celebrate winter holidays and exchange gifts, we’re often seeking items[...]

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    Tyson's Corner Today covers Fairfax County's interview of Ipsun Solar.

    Tyson's Today covers the interview of Ipsun Solar by the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority. The County came by the warehouse in Merrifield,[...]
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    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority comes by Ipsun Solar's warehouse for interview

    Fairfax County has an Economic Development department and they came by Ipsun Solar's warehouse based in Fairfax County to interview our CEO, Herve Billiet.

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    Understanding Virginia Solar Net Metering and Your Dominion Utility Bill

    When you switch to solar energy, your Dominion utility bill will change because you will be participating in net metering. Wondering what net metering actually[...]

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    Ipsun's 2022 Do-Good Gift Guide: Shop Local, Shop Small, Shop B Corp

    As a Certified B Corp and local small business, we like to take time during the holidays to highlight our fellow B Corporations and small businesses who are[...]

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    Can You Actually Get Free Solar?

    If you've been shopping for solar or entered the word solar into your phone at any time recently, you've probably started seeing ads about "free solar" or "get[...]

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