2019 in Review: Fighting Climate Change One Solar Panel at a Time

2019 in Review: Fighting Climate Change One Solar Panel at a Time

Ipsun Solar has had an incredible year. In 2019, we have installed 1MW of solar and we’ve got another 2MW in the pipeline. The 1MW already installed offsets about 31,500 tons of harmful carbon dioxide emissions, equal to planting over 741,100 trees or removing 5,581 cars from the road for an entire year!

New Partners and Exciting Projects Ahead

2019 brought many new partnerships and interesting initiatives to Ipsun. We are so proud to have been one of the companies selected to install the projects for the Fairfax County solar PPA program. This project includes 113 government buildings including 87 schools. We can’t wait to get to work putting solar on the schools!

Fairfax County is just one of the partnerships we’ve formed in 2019 that will bring great things for 2020. Additionally, we’ve developed a partnership with SunStreet, a nationwide developer that creates new and affordable, state-of-the-art solar standard communities that make their own power. We’re also working with Organic Valley, and are looking forward to installing solar at some of their farms in our service area.

Advocating for Solar in Congress

We worked hard in 2019 alongside our fellow Amicus Solar Cooperative members to ask congress to extend the 30% Federal Incentive Tax Credit (ITC) for solar. We were inspired after talking to the author of a study by the Rhodium Group that showed these tax credits are currently our most effective weapon to fight climate change.

Amicus solar ITC lobby day 2019_11_14

Unfortunately congress did not opt to extend the tax credit for 2020, but the ITC remains in place at 26% for the upcoming year. Advocating for solar is always the right thing to do, and the camaraderie and friendships we've formed in the past year have made it all worthwhile. We will keep working with our legislators to expand solar in 2020 - stay tuned for updates!

2019 Projects

All of our 2019 projects are memorable, and we love each of our customers like family. Some of our most interesting installs from 2019 include:

Solar awning project for the Hall Family:

solar customers in Arlington VA-1

This family wanted to maximize their energy production, so they opted to put a solar awning on the front of their house. They love the look of the new addition. When we asked what made them choose the awning, they said, “We wanted to show our kids that we care about their future. We can’t solve climate change on our own, but this was something we could do. It was an easy decision and an easy project to accomplish. We love it!”

The Friars at the Monastery of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Northeast DC:

friars27 square

It was so gratifying to be a part of this project with Groundswell and SunLight General Capital. As part of Groundswell’s SharePower program, 50 DC families will get their power from a subscription to this community solar array, including 12 low-income families who will receive that power for free. We loved finding creative solutions to make sure the pollinator-friendly installation was low-profile and beautiful to look at as the friars walk through their property.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Arlington VA:

First blue corss with film in the world - OLQP landscape - solar panels on church in Arlington Virginia 2-1

This unique installation features a blue cross design on the panels, the first-ever in the U.S. The design is made possible by a new colored film technology overlaid on the panels. The project includes 319 panels (95kw) on three of its buildings, providing electricity for approximately 48 percent of parish needs. During their 25-year life cycle, the panels are expected to reduce carbon emissions equal to taking 195 cars off the road and planting 31,000 trees.

Herve Billiet, Ipsun’s CEO said, “We loved using this new technology to make the church’s solar panels stand out. The film is made by a specialized firm, a spin-off of a team from MIT. This thin printed decal material can be used to camouflage a solar array, blending it into a roof by printing it with a shingle or tile pattern, or as the church did, using it to create custom display. This one reminds us of stained glass windows. It’s really unique and beautiful.”

Barn project in Warrenton VA:


This beautiful project includes 24.57 kW of solar panels and six Tesla Powerwalls. This will allow the owners to produce all of their own power and store 81 kW in the Powerwalls. In the event of a grid outage, this will keep the power on, ensuring all animals are cared for and safe. Additionally, the estimated savings over 30 years with solar is $211,918. That’s no small potatoes!

We look forward to working with everyone in the new year. In 2020 we will continue to fight climate change one solar panel at a time. We’re so thankful for everyone in our Ipsun tribe that joins us in this fight. It gives us hope and joy for the year ahead. Wishing you all a 2020 filled with happiness and energy independence!

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