33 more days until the election. What's your voting action plan?

33 more days until the election. What's your voting action plan?

We refuse to be bullied into apathy. Today, we're fired up and looking for more things we can do to help get out the vote and do our part for democracy. We hope you'll join us.

Our company exists to fight climate change, and as a B Corp, we know that protecting equal rights for all people is an essential part of that mission. And of course, electing officials who understand that we are in a climate emergency is job number one.

So, to that end, we'll be writing our senators to let them know we expect them to wait until the next president is inaugurated to fill RBG's seat. We'll be writing postcards to voters who may have been purged from the rolls. And we'll sign up for more phone banking this weekend! There are so many ways to make our voices heard, but the most important one is to make your plan to vote November 3rd!

Here's a short list of actions you can take today to help ensure our democracy stays strong:

✍️ Write your Senators! Find your senators' contact information here and send them an email or give a call asking them to wait until after January 20 to confirm a Supreme Court nominee.

✍️ Write postcards to voters! There are many ways to get involved, but one of our favorites is Indivisible. Data shows that a simple, handwritten postcard can boost voter registration and turnout significantly. 

☎️ Sign up for phone banking or text banking! Person-to-person interactions are proven to be the most effective way to increase voter turnout and enthusiasm. Outside of knocking on doors, which we obviously can't do right now, your phone calls will do the most to ensure that people get out and vote. And if talking on the phone isn't your thing, you can send texts instead as a less intimidating alternative. 

☑️ Make your plan to vote! The B Corp voting hub has all the information you need to check if you're still registered, find your polling place, apply for an absentee ballot and sign up to volunteer on election day.

Have other ideas about ways to get involved? Please share and tag us on social media. Also, tag us and let us know what your voting plan is! You can also share your insight about how long the lines are at the Fairfax Government Center - we're dying to know! Any other helpful tips or ideas are welcome. We're in this together - let's fight like our kids' future depends on it, because it does. 

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