All Things Solar with MDV-SEIA's David Murray!

All Things Solar with MDV-SEIA's David Murray!

We met up with Executive Director David Murray of MDV-SEIA and talked all things solar! David joined MDV-SEIA as executive director in the spring of 2017 and has been advancing solar initiatives ever since.

David Murray MDV SEIA Part I


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The MDV-Solar Energy Industries Association represents over 10,000 jobs in the region’s solar industry and has over 180 member organizations. MDV-SEIA supports the solar industry through policy formation, direct advocacy, regulatory intervention, market representation, networking, and education in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.


We discussed a range of solar topics with David, ranging from the Investment Tax Credit to the importance of transparency and good practices within the solar industry. David explained the concept of a triple bottom line and pointed out the overall beneficially of having a sustainable and responsible company like Ipsun! He also dove into solar policy (1:33), explaining MDV-SEIA’s aims to influence and advance certain initiatives, whether it be working with organizations or addressing permitting issues within local jurisdictions. We discussed conduct and ethics in the solar industry (3:43) and David explained the ways in which MDV-SEIA ensures all members operate with high ethical standards and honorable conduct. Solar is contagious - and by ensuring that everyone who goes solar has a positive experience, we can spread it!

David also went over the basics of Full Retail Net Metering and its place in residential and commercial solar development. A conversation about solar policy wouldn’t be complete without mention of the ITC, and the importance of extending it! Ipsun supports and applauds all actors and advocates in the solar industry pushing for an extension of the 30% investment tax credit. We also discussed streamline permitting and inspection, and going solar in Virginia. David explained how exciting it is to see larger scale solar projects on schools and churches. He additionally mentioned the integral role solar energy plans in carbon reduction, and its role in uplifting low income communities and encouraging energy resilience for all types of people. All the more reason to go solar!

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