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Our membership in Amicus saves customers money

Solar purchasing cooperative accepts 2-year-old solar services firm and certified B Corporation

Ipsun Power, a solar energy company in Washington, DC, has joined the Amicus Solar Cooperative (

Amicus is an innovative collaboration of quality solar installers. It provides members with, among other benefits, access to special product pricing and financing. Ipsun Power is the only solar company in the DC-MD-VA region accepted into Amicus.

Solar installers across the country are contending with the impact of tariffs. The purchasing power that cooperative membership affords helps members like Ipsun Solar combat price increases and avoid impact on customers.

A match of values

Ipsun Solar laid the groundwork for acceptance into the buying cooperative over the company’s first two years in business. During that time, leadership at Ipsun developed policies and trained staff members on core principles from diversity and dismantling bias to professional conduct in the solar industry, which Amicus Solar requires. Ipsun’s Herve Billiet recently also announced that Ipsun has become a B Corporation. He hopes his company’s actions are a model for other solar businesses navigating the current market.

Ipsun Power VA home with solar panels“For the customer to distinguish between solar companies, pricing is never the only consideration,” says Billiet. “Ipsun Power is living out our values by joining with other installers who share our commitment to quality, social responsibility, and environmental action. We hope more customers will want to choose such a company when going solar.”

Warmly welcomed

“We are thrilled to welcome the Ipsun Power team to the Amicus family,” said Stephen Irvin, CEO of Amicus Solar. “Ipsun Power clearly leads with their values and treats their customers with the utmost respect and care they deserve, a quality we look for in all our cooperative member companies.”

Ipsun Power’s membership in Amicus Solar took effect in late October. Better pricing is immediately available for new rooftop solar customers, both residential and business as well as non profit customers.

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Hannah Wiegard
Hannah Wiegard

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