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    Hannah Wiegard

    Hannah Wiegard
    Professional clean energy advocate/marketer since 2010. Native Virginian. When not writing in this space, spends time cooking, gardening and evangelizing friends at cocktail parties about the benefits of solar.
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    Pink Energy's demise highlights 6 ways to tell a good solar installer from a bad apple

    At Ipsun Solar, we have been crestfallen to see the many households and employees hurt by Pink Energy’s closure and bankruptcy. Without warning, the seemingly[...]

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    The 12 Gifts of Solar: a dozen ways every project spreads cheer

    'Tis the season to give tokens of love to the people near and dear to us. As we all celebrate winter holidays and exchange gifts, we’re often seeking items[...]

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    COP27, the Resilience Race, and noteworthy voices of climate leaders

    Update: COP 27 ended this weekend -- you can see the results reported by the United Nations United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)[...]

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    Sun and sea: Offshore wind and other technologies you should know

    Did you visit a beach over the summer? Did you know there are opportunities for clean power from ocean-based sources? 

    You may be surprised to learn the[...]

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    Solar Insure offers extra confidence to solar and battery owners

    Solar energy systems and home battery storage installations are on the rise, with a 30% increase in residential installations in the US last quarter. Many[...]

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    Solar in the mix: How clean is the grid and how fast is it changing?

    Lots of our customers go solar to get a 100% clean energy source, which the grid can’t offer. But how clean is the grid and how is it expected to change in the[...]

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    Sun Quiz: What's your solar owner personality type?

    The flock of people out there who have gone solar grows bigger and more diverse every year. They’re all responsible for getting solar installed on their[...]

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    Where rising electric rates loom, locked-in solar savings shine

    Face it - electric bills don’t look like they used to. Rates have long been creeping up, and many utilities are making new changes that customers need to[...]

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    What's the difference between community solar and rooftop solar?

    There are lots of ways to invest in solar energy, some that involve putting up solar panels on your own property and some that don’t. We fully support all the[...]

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    Do I need to protect my solar system from lightning strikes?

    As Fleetwood Mac said, “Lightning strikes, maybe once maybe twice.” But if it strikes at or near your house, what’s going to happen to your solar energy[...]

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