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Hannah Wiegard

Hannah Wiegard
Professional clean energy advocate/marketer since 2010. Native Virginian. When not writing in this space, spends time cooking, gardening and evangelizing friends at cocktail parties about the benefits of solar.
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How Green is Dominion Green Power?

Among Dominion Energy customers in Virginia we’ve seen a ton of interest in greening their power. But some customers don’t feel they can go solar on their[...]

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Dodge dependence on a monopoly utility with solar

If I say to you, “monopoly” what does it conjure? A seemingly-endless game based on money and power, and moving a little metal race car around a square[...]

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Ipsun Solar and Enphase: Solutions for the savvy customer

Today, our partnership with Enphase is highlighted in the news with a special joint statement about why we offer their inverter systems and the benefits for[...]

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Solar panels can weather hurricanes unscathed

This time of year, any time we’re talking with a new potential solar customer, we tend to get a lot of questions about extreme weather.

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Make an interior space brighter without the drawbacks of skylights

We’re not going to say that skylights don’t deserve their bad rap. But is there a way to bring beneficial sunlight into windowless spaces in a home, to save[...]

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Fires at stores with solar don't spell risk for you

We were concerned to hear about recent news of fires at locations with large solar arrays. If you're interested in solar, you may be thinking is this a[...]

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Ranked among the Top Solar Contractors

We're proud to be recognized among the Top Solar Contractors this year! Thanks to our solar electric customers, our team, and our partners for being part of

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Three pointers when buying a home with solar

At Ipsun Solar, we’re dedicated to helping you save the planet and spend less money by generating your own power. We’ve created custom-built solar panel[...]

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Your Questions About Tesla Powerwall Answered!

How does Tesla Powerwall work?

Tesla Powerwall is a backup battery that stores the energy generated from your solar panels to be used on demand when the[...]

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Ethiopian Trees Fight Climate Change

On July 29, Ethiopia announced it had planted over 350 million trees in one day! This enormous effort breaks previous tree-planting records, and was[...]
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