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Hannah Wiegard

Hannah Wiegard
Professional clean energy advocate/marketer since 2010. Native Virginian. When not writing in this space, spends time cooking, gardening and evangelizing friends at cocktail parties about the benefits of solar.
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Defying the next Derecho: Grid Modernization for Washington, DC


Our team attended the DC Solar Congress presented by DC Solar United Neighbors earlier this month. For us, the most fascinating topic covered was grid[...]

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How does hail affect solar panels?

When you go solar, you can be assured the solar panels used for your project are the product of rigorous testing including hail tests.

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Maryland's $1,000 statewide solar rebate

If your home is in Maryland and doesn’t yet have solar panels installed, and you support sustainable electricity, now’s your chance to get it done. A[...]

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How many solar panels does a 2,000 square foot home need in Virginia

There are some questions with a quick answer and some that deserve more detail. How many solar panels does a 2,000 square foot home need? What’s the right[...]

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Democracy Collaborative Spotlights Amicus Solar Cooperative

In a recent feature on mission-led employee-owned firms, Fifty By Fifty and The Democracy Collaborative listed Amicus Solar among the best member-owned[...]

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Support Solar Freedom at the DC PSC on May 29

The rights of residents and all energy customers in DC, VA and MD, the areas where we install solar panels, to take full advantage of the clean energy[...]

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Maryknoll spotlights solar at Our Lady Queen of Peace

Maryknoll, an advocacy organization, features our solar installation at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Arlington, Virginia. Read writer Bill[...]

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DC celebrates Earth Day 2019 with new Clean Energy plan

Washington DC is already known for green leadership - in terms of cleanup of waterways and energy efficient buildings, DC has long been on the map[...]

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The math behind Tesla's solar pricing

This week, news came out that Tesla would be offering solar panels installations contracts "for up to 38% less than the national average price" and if[...]

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Every solar installation helps the climate

Your solar install does help the climate - here’s how.

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