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Herve Billiet

Herve Billiet
Herve is a renewable energy veteran. He first designed a solar car when he was 21 years old. Soon after, he was invited by MIT in Boston to advance its sustainable transportation initiatives. Herve then designed his first residential solar system in 2009. After working for a few consulting firms, Accenture among them, the U.S. Department of Energy hired him as a Strategy Consultant on the largest renewable energy projects in the world. He would later join forces with his business partner, Joe Marhamati, to establish Ipsun Power.
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Recent Posts

Tyson's Corner Today covers Fairfax County's interview of Ipsun Solar.

Tyson's Today covers the interview of Ipsun Solar by the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority. The County came by the warehouse in Merrifield,[...]
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Fairfax County Economic Development Authority comes by Ipsun Solar's warehouse for interview

Fairfax County has an Economic Development department and they came by Ipsun Solar's warehouse based in Fairfax County to interview our CEO, Herve Billiet.

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Why is my utility bill going up? And will it continue to rise?

The recent rise in energy prices in our area is not only causing an increase at the pump, but also causing utility bills to soar. The reasons for both[...]

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Electric School Buses are Best for Kids' Health & Future; Best for Fairfax County

Electric school buses may not be well known yet, but the classic yellow U.S. school buses are known worldwide. Even as a Belgian, I knew about them because of[...]

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Can I walk on solar panels? Yes, but you shouldn't.

We are asked many times if a person can walk on solar panels. 

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Amicus Letter to U.S. Commerce Secretary, Raimondo about the Circumvention Petition to Impose Tariffs

Ipsun has added our name to a letter written by the Amicus Cooperative of solar companies asking the Secretary of Commerce to lift certain solar panel tariffs.[...]

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Should I remove snow from my solar panels?

We receive a lot of questions about what to do when it snows.

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What I'm Learning During the COVID Pandemic About Our Climate Change Emergency

Thoughts from Ipsun's co-founder and CEO, Herve Billiet.

The COVID pandemic in 2020 and 2021 has changed the world and many lives. I'll go over a few things[...]

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When is the best time to charge my electric vehicle if I have solar panels?

The best time to charge your electric vehicle depends on your goal: Financial (save money), Environmental (least amount of pollution) or Good Citizen (least[...]

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Tesla released a solar inverter for home owners. The point of view of a solar installer.

Tesla just released its own solar inverter. What is an inverter and why is this an important move?

Read the point of view of a solar installer.

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