Battery backup is there when a grid outage hits

Battery backup is there when a grid outage hits

Our team extends sincerest hopes for a complete and expeditious recovery from Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas. The substantial damage and unfortunate loss of life show just how powerful and fierce Nature can be.

Disruptive, dangerous extreme weather can strike any season, any year, and just about any time. For residents and businesses looking to deal with the risk of future power outages, it's a good time to take a look at energy storage, also known as battery backup. It pairs well with a solar energy installation for protection from power failures.

Solar energy can provide a self-generated resource to get through a grid outage, if you have an energy storage system in place backing you up.

Life gets stressful when a storm is moving in. With solar + storage, at least you can have peace of mind that important electric systems in your home will stay on:

  • Wifi router
  • Phones and laptops
  • Refrigerator and coffee maker
  • Fans and sump pump
  • Lighting in essential spaces


Energy storage helps make the most of solar all year

Even when the grid is up, integrating a battery system with your solar means:

  • 24/7 use of your own renewable energy, instead of consuming grid energy from a mix of resources at night
  • Enhanced self-sufficiency and energy autonomy
  • The same 30%  federal tax credit that applies to solar now extends to battery backup system purchases for storing solar

And in a power outage, there are benefits that only storing electricity in a home battery can offer:

  • No buying cans of fuel for a generator, concerns about the supply of natural gas in the pipelines serving your home, or dealing with the noise, smell, or maintenance of a fossil-fuel generator
  • Battery storage products carry a warranty on the system and installation workmanship

We're on hand to answer whatever questions you have about the state of energy storage technology, and availability. Ipsun Power looks forward to exploring battery backup with you and determining what configuration of battery backup system is recommended at your location.


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