26th January, 2019

Europeans March for Political Action on Climate Change

Every Thursday students in Belgium march for the climate. Young people want a future on this planet and want the politicians to take action. Last….

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25th January, 2019

Two-time Angie's list Superior Service Award

At Ipsun Solar we are happy to offer solar electric and related services that provide a great experience for our customers as well as excellent….

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18th January, 2019

Lift the cap and expand PPAs: our top solar policy goals in Virginia

Ipsun Solar’s Marketing Manager has some updates to share about proposed legislation in Virginia to help make the state even friendlier for solar….

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18th January, 2019

Certified B Corporation Ben & Jerry’s and more than 2,600 Companies Launched the ‘Vote Every Day Campaign’

Top Business Leaders Join Forces to Show People How They Can Continue Voting Their Values After Election Day

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15th January, 2019

Ipsun Solar named one of the Best Solar companies in 2019 by Earthtechling

Ipsun Solar was mentioned as one of the best solar installers in our nation. It came a little bit as a surprise to be mentioned like that, but….

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14th January, 2019

Should I remove the snow from my Solar Panels?

We receive a lot of questions about what to do when it snows.

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13th January, 2019

Do Business with companies that are B Corps!

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit.

They are legally required to consider the impact of their….

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12th January, 2019

Who said solar panels don't look good? (continued)

We often hear that solar panels don't look good, that they reduce property value and that nobody wants them on the front of their home.

We started….

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10th January, 2019

2 new Bills got introduced in Virginia - Solar Freedom Bill

Ipsun Solar supports the Solar Freedom Bills that got introduced today.

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5th January, 2019

Americans love rooftop solar

According to a recent article in The Economist, rooftop solar remains marginal in America. Blame a patchwork of regulation, utilities and an….

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