Carbon Monoxide Detector Rules for Solar Projects in Montgomery County

Carbon Monoxide Detector Rules for Solar Projects in Montgomery County

Montgomery County in Maryland has strict laws about Carbon Monoxide detectors. This is important for solar energy projects on both commercial and residential properties. Your solar company will apply for a permit (building and electrical permit) to be able to install your solar energy system. Once the solar modules are installed, your solar contractor will request a site visit from the County. The inspector will come to your home or business to check your solar energy system installation.


CODE REFERENCE: NFPA 101 Chapter,24.3.4, 26.3.3, 28.3.4, 30.3.4 as amended by Executive Regulation Number 7-06AM, Regulation and Amending Certain Editions of the National Fire Codes Regarding Building Construction and Protective Features, Section 29.
BACKGROUND: ER 7-06AM requires the installation of carbon monoxide alarm or detector(s) in all new construction for one and two family, lodging or rooming, hotels and dormitories, and apartment dwellings in accordance with Chapter 5, Section 5.1, "Recommended Protection," of NFPA 720. Applies to all dwelling units as defined by NFPA 101, Section 3.3.55,,3.355.2,
INTERPRETATION: If a fuel-burning appliance, fireplace, or attached garage is present, an interconnected battery back up carbon monoxide alarm or detector must be installed outside all sleeping areas and on all floors. If a fuel-burning appliance or fireplace is present in any sleeping area, an interconnected carbon monoxide alarm or detector must also be installed in that room.
JUSTIFICATION: Recommended placement varies by manufacturer. This interpretation clarifies placement to meet the intent of occupant notification.
PREPARED BY: Lt. David Pazos


Ipsun's interpretation of the code:

Ipsun recommends installing a minimum of 1 carbon monoxide detector on each floor and an additional one in any room with a gas appliance, such as a fireplace.

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