Celebrate Earth Month by Supporting the 30 Million Solar Homes Campaign

Celebrate Earth Month by Supporting the 30 Million Solar Homes Campaign

April is Earth Month, and to celebrate, we're supporting Solar United Neighbors (SUN)'s 30 Million Solar Homes Campaign. We hope you will too! Today, April 8, is the #30millionsolarhomes day of action, so please read on, sign the petition, and share to your friends and family!

Along with the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and the Initiative for Energy Justice, SUN is calling for the addition of 30 million solar-powered households to simultaneously solve three dire problems: climate change, economic downturn, and social injustice. 

The plan calls for practical, common-sense policies to drastically cut carbon emissions, create good jobs, and build power for marginalized communities. These benefits will be felt in the environmental justice communities that need help the most: rural areas, communities of color, and urban areas. 

Specifically, the 30 million homes campaign can:

  • Create millions of good-paying jobs.
  • Cut air and carbon pollution by 1.5 percent of total annual U.S. emissions, the equivalent of removing 21 million cars off the road.
  • Bring wealth to low- and middle-income communities and communities of color.
  • Help families with the highest energy burdens.
  • Improve health for millions of Americans.
  • Increase energy independence.

Federal policies must support this initiative including converting the Investment Tax Credit into a cash grant, subsidizing financing for low-income families, and supporting community solar policy for people who don't own their homes. Sign the petition today to demand that solar-friendly policy be instituted to support the goal of 30 million solar homes. 

This Earth Month, let's all take this meaningful action. Together, we can make #30MillionSolarHomes a reality. Sign the petition and demand that leaders take action today. Then please share this with your social networks to increase your impact!

Thanks as always for supporting solar--we know we can always count on the Ipsun Family to help speak out for what we know will help make our world a better place!

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