Ipsun Power just became a B Corp certified business

Ipsun Power just became a B Corp certified business

At Ipsun Power, our mission is to install as much solar as possible in the Washington DC metro area. We are a solar company and we take our social responsibility seriously. A business can be a powerful entity for change, and so we have been working for several months to get B Corporation certified. Today we became B Corp certified!

Ipsun Power b corp certified solar businessWhat b corp certified means to us

Joining this forward-thinking, interdependent sphere of companies is very meaningful to us.

More than that, our founders Herve and Joe feel that we're able to take a place in a circle of community-oriented businesses. They put respect and the common good first, and B Corp reflects that.

Thanks for supporting B Corporations. Like you, we care about the health and welfare of people and the environment. Solar energy is all about doing well while doing good, and that's the B Corp message. What is profit without purpose? Together let's follow our values as we grow solar in Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland.


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