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Democracy Collaborative Spotlights Amicus Solar Cooperative

Amicus Fifty by FiftyIn a recent feature on mission-led employee-owned firms, Fifty By Fifty and The Democracy Collaborative listed Amicus Solar among the best member-owned organizations doing business while doing good.

Amicus Solar is a cooperative of solar installers that band together to advance best practices and benefit from collective buying power.

These installers are smaller than the major players like SunPower and Solar City, and focus on excelling in their regional markets and offering attentive, high-quality service to their customers.

All members are B Corporations, holding their companies to more rigorous social and environmental goals than most for-profit companies.

 View the feature on Amicus in the Fifty by Fifty report best of the best of Mission-Led, Employee-Owned Firms

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Hannah Wiegard
Hannah Wiegard

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