Does Dominion Power or Pepco allow me to install solar panels?

Does Dominion Power or Pepco allow me to install solar panels?

Dominion and Pepco both allow the installation of solar panels on your home and business. The short answer is "Yes, no problem." Now that you know the door is open, get more familiar with some related consumer solar issues.

The long answer:

Dominion-Energy-300x139-1Ipsun Power is a General Contractor (GC) in 3 U.S. States: Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia (Washington DC). These states have several utilities serving the area, mainly Dominion Energy, formerly known as Dominion Power, and Pepco.

Both utilities allow us to make an interconnection request to have solar installed on our customer's buildings.  Both utilities have a general rule that requires the solar system to produce less than a 100% of the current power consumption. Your solar installer will help you understand how this limit impacts you. They can also handle your utility paperwork. They'll make receiving credit for your power and getting backup energy at night a breeze.

To read more about the legal regulation about interconnection, read this. Get a better understanding of all the ins and outs of residential solar by perusing our FAQ page. We've also put together this 4-Step Guide to Going Solar in Virginia which should answer most of your initial questions!


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