Want to Learn About Tesla Powerwall? Join Us for Our Next Webinar!

Want to Learn About Tesla Powerwall? Join Us for Our Next Webinar!

Have you been wondering how home battery storage works? Next Wednesday, May 20, we're hosting another Lunch and Learn webinar, Solar and Home Battery Storage, to answer all of your questions.

Our Sales Director, Patrick Cavanaugh, will present an informative half-hour overview of how you can incorporate home battery storage into your solar electric system to give you better control over your energy use and save you money on your utility bills. Afterwards, a live Q-and-A session will give you plenty of time to pose all of your questions, so make sure to join in!

As a Certified Tesla Powerwall installer, we have a wealth of experience with projects that include Tesla Powerwall from the outset, or integration into an existing solar electric system. Patrick will address all the ins and outs of how an installation works, as well as the benefits of storing your own power.

Paired with solar, battery storage can let you use solar energy much of the time, dramatically reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and the grid. In addition to the climate benefits of reduced fossil fuel consumption, Patrick will explain storage pluses like utility bill savings, backup power when the grid or a transformer is out and a great sense of energy independence and resilience. He'll also cover the current 26% federal tax credit and other incentives and financing options. 

To learn more, make sure you register and join us for this great Lunch and Learn webinar, Solar + Home Battery Storage, Wednesday, May 20th, 12:00 - 12:45 pm. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

If you missed our last webinar, Solar 101, you can check it out right here! 👇

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