Ipsun Celebrates Virginia Election Results, Looks Ahead to 2020 General Assembly

Ipsun Celebrates Virginia Election Results, Looks Ahead to 2020 General Assembly


Ipsun Solar CEO Herve Billiet’s Statement Regarding Virginia’s 2019 Election Results

November 6, 2019- At Ipsun Solar, Northern VA’s premier solar installer, we are thrilled with the Virginia election results. We’re proud to be based in Northern Virginia, where a clear message was sent to our state and federal government that climate change is a top priority for VA voters. We must now begin the work of changing solar policies in Virginia to enable our Governor’s vision of 100% renewable energy for our state by 2050.

As a VA solar business, Ipsun has a first-hand view of the policies and barriers local Virginia customers confront when they decide to become a part of the clean energy economy by going solar. We also see the tremendous potential for job creation in our state as solar barriers are removed. To that end, there are three specific goals Ipsun would like to see realized by our new legislature during the 2020 General Assembly:

  1. Lift the 1% cap on the total amount of solar that can be net metered in a utility territory.
  2. Increase the Solar Power Purchase Agreement cap in the Dominion Energy service area from 50 MW to 500 MW.
  3. Raise the limit on a customer's permissible net-metered solar installation size from 100% of their previous 12 months’ demand to 125% of their previous 12 months' demand.

Ipsun Solar joins Virginia voters in a collective cheer for a new direction for the state, hopefully paving the way to a renewable energy future for all Virginians.

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