Senator Kaine Signs on to Support Solar Incentives for Lower Income Homeowners

Senator Kaine Signs on to Support Solar Incentives for Lower Income Homeowners

A big thanks to Solar Power World for covering our visit with US Senator Tim Kaine! Recently our senator came to visit a job site to learn more about how the investment tax credit affects solar customers and the solar industry. Please read on to take action to help get this important climate policy into the Build Back Better Act and over the finish line!

Along with SEIA CEO Abby Hopper, we talked about how to make solar incentives helpful for everyone. The direct pay option for the federal solar tax credit achieves this by offering an immediate cash rebate on the full price of a solar project for homeowners who don't owe enough in taxes to benefit from a typical tax credit. We are extremely pleased to update this story with the news that Senator Kaine has signed on to support Direct Pay 25D! Thank you, Senator Kaine! 

SPW Senator Kaine article imageLate Friday afternoon Senators Booker, Duckworth, Ossoff, Schatz, Padilla, and Feinstein led a group of 25 Senators urging the inclusion of direct pay for Section 25D tax credits. We also wrote to MD Senator Chris VanHollen asking him to sign on in support, and we're pleased to report he has now joined the group along with Senator Kaine. 

Please keep the pressure on by calling your legislators, both House and Senate, to encourage them to keep climate policy in the Build Back Better Act, especially the federal solar tax credit extension with direct pay. Take action now or click below to learn more 👇

Read more and take action NOW! Ask your legislators to support the critical climate policies in the upcoming Build Back better Act! 

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