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Ipsun Power in the News Today on The Hill TV

Ipsun Power's CEO Herve Billiet joined Hill.TV's Rising morning show to talk about jobs in the renewable energy industry. He also touches on the benefits and the payback period of going solar in Washington, DC and Virginia. The segment also features footage of solar installers and large installations.

The Hill Interview - Herve Billiet Ipsun PowerSpeaking on the segment, 'The New Workforce,' Herve explains, "Once your system is paid back, you have essentially free electricity. Solar panels they are good for 30-40 years because you have very little maintenance... On average, 70% of your power consumption is generated by your solar panels."

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The New Workforce: Ipsun Power CEO Herve Billiet talks renewable energy


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Herve Billiet
Herve Billiet

Herve is a renewable energy veteran. He first designed a solar car when he was 21 years old. Soon after, he was invited by MIT in Boston to advance its sustainable transportation initiatives. Herve then designed his first residential solar system in 2009. After working for a few consulting firms, Accenture among them, the U.S. Department of Energy hired him as a Strategy Consultant on the largest renewable energy projects in the world. He would later join forces with his business partner, Joe Marhamati, to establish Ipsun Power.