Ipsun present at the Solar Goes Corporate Conference

Ipsun present at the Solar Goes Corporate Conference

Ipsun Solar will be present at next week's SEIA conference "Solar Goes Corporate". Reach out to us if you have commercial solar projects you want Ipsun to build and/or to maintain or simply to bid on.

The conference in Washington DC will "discuss and learn how businesses can effectively procure, deploy, and invest in clean energy technologies such as solar, battery storage, wind, and energy efficiency."

Se who's attending the SEIA (need to be registered and logging in to see the attendees)

Solar Goes Corporate SEIA

A quick note from Solar Means Business

U.S. businesses are increasingly turning to solar energy as a cost-effective means of powering their operations with clean energy. As of 2018, Apple leads the nation with the most solar capacity installed, followed closely by Amazon, Target, Walmart and Switch. 

SEIA's Solar Means Business Report tracks solar adoption by businesses across the U.S., ranging from some of the country's largest companies and most recognizable brands to the small businesses that make up our communities. The 2018 report contains data on the top companies that have installed solar energy, capturing both on-site and off-site installations, and information on national trends. 

source: https://solargoescorporate.seia.org/page/1428497/solar-means-business"



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