Keeping Your Family Energy Secure in a Time of Crisis

Keeping Your Family Energy Secure in a Time of Crisis

We at Ipsun Solar wish you and your family continued health and wellness during this troubling time. Despite the virus pandemic, we’re still here doing what we’ve always done: enabling homeowners and commercial businesses to harness the sun for an energy source. If you are looking at our entire energy system a little differently now than you were when you received your last month’s electric bill, we invite you to take this opportunity to look at the benefits of solar plus storage for both for the individual user and for society.

What energy security means in 2020

What makes one person feel secure and prepared can look very different to another person. Right now, citizens are stocking up on everything from canned soup and rice to weapons and ammo (which we’re not advocating.) One person might not feel there’s any reason to expect power outages related to the virus outbreak or the economic crash, while another may be convinced of a scenario in which widespread blackouts would be inevitable. Wherever you fall, there are other reasons why now is a great time to go solar and store energy in a battery in case the lights go out.

The solar installation industry has been thriving and expanding for over a decade in the U.S. in an environment of affordable, reliable grid energy. Put another way, in spite of relatively cheap electric rates in our area and across the country, utility customers have watched rates creep upward while we remain dependent on outdated, dirty energy sources and have voted with their energy dollar for a different approach: energy generated in our neighborhoods, right where it is consumed, via a non-polluting means. Though an oil price war has pushed prices at the gas pump down recently, many are avoiding going out to the pump, so electric car drivers who charge their vehicle with solar are ahead of the game in preparedness while still paying dramatically less per mile traveled.

Many customers are now motivated by new worries that they could soon be without a viable power source otherwise. Gas and propane generators rely on a fuel source that could experience supply problems and generally are only under warranty by the manufacturer for a couple of years, and wind turbines are less economic and more intermittent in output at a residential scale, leaving solar+storage as a virtually perpetual option. Warrantied for 10 years, Tesla Powerwall is made to charge, deplete, and recharge continually to keep a critical circuit of essential systems in your home up and running, practically no matter what.

Special reasons to back up your energy

With warmer weather on the way in our region, those with health-related needs for reliable cooling of living spaces or refrigeration of important medications would do well to consider going solar and pairing it with Tesla Powerwall. We’ve even heard of families looking to take good care of heirloom antiques, art, photos or garments that require climate control. More commonly, systems like sump pumps, hot water heater, bedroom and hallway lights, wifi, and security systems need to be kept on if grid power fails, especially if there are kids or older family members in the house to look after.

For some, earning a living must go on even in times of crisis, and energy storage is required to keep computers, tablets, sensitive personal servers, monitors, smartphones and powered landline phones juiced and running at the speed of business.

We became a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer because we believe that the product is worthwhile to provide peace of mind for those in locations prone to grid outages now, or who anticipate more frequent service interruptions for longer periods.

The battery chemistry inside Powerwall is safe and dependable, But even if outages remain rare, these systems are made to help magnify the impact of solar installations, allowing customers to use their stored solar power at night and on the darkest stormy days, and eventually relieve stress on the grid during times of peak demand, even helping protect the grid.

Join together with us for energy security

It’s a tough time for many small and locally owned businesses right now. We plan to be here for many years to support our existing clients’ solar warranties, grow clean energy in our area, achieve our goal of employee ownership of the company and make the best technologies for energy independence and sustainability available to all. If you’re ready to work with a company that employs workers based long-term in the Metro DC region and is committed to continuing to deploy carbon free, renewable energy that will help stabilize the climate and make the future less prone to extreme weather and natural disaster, begin your solar project with us now.

We’re fighting to maintain our installation schedule and won’t stop as long as we have crew members willing and able to go out onto roofs to complete their work, and as long as we have solar panels and the necessary components on hand to carry out installations. With help from new customers continuing to pursue a sustainable energy source, we’ll maintain our business and keep installing solar panels to do our part to tackle climate change and make the world safer and healthier. If you already have solar panels, take this opportunity to encourage family and friends to start their solar journey with a consultation over the phone or via video conference to discuss their solar potential and look into investing in reliable, affordable energy.

Whether outages are your constant fear or the furthest thing from your mind, taking steps to safeguard your future energy needs with a reliable and sustainable solar electric installation helps move our community forward toward cleaner air, good jobs in a beneficial industry, and a stronger grid for everyone.

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