List of U.S. solar companies

List of U.S. solar companies

Here's a list of U.S.-based solar companies. Some just have their headquarters here, while others actually have manufacturing facilities. Our list is a combination of those so it's showing of all U.S. solar manufacturers, as of February 2018.  The smallest solar maker we could find is a facility of around 10 people.

The-WhitehouseNow that the White House made a decision to impose a 30% trade tariff, there is an increased interest in U.S. solar manufacturers. (read here about the Trade Tariff)

Even imported panels where tariffs apply may be more readily available and more affordable than American-made products.

Learn more about how affordable solar can be for consumers in the DMV region.

# Name URL Location
1 Auxin Solar San Jose, CA
2 Evergreen Solar Marlborough, MA
3 First Solar Tempe, AZ (U.S. Headquarters)
4 Grape Solar Eugene, OR
5 Heliene Mountain Iron, MN (U.S. manufacturing facility)
6 Itek Energy Bellingham, WA
7 Miasole Santa Clara, CA (U.S. Headquarters)
8 Mission Solar San Antonio, TX
9 Panasonic (HIT) Buffalo, NY
10 Puresolar Tumwater, WA
11 Seraphim Jackson, MS (U.S. headquarters)
12 Solaria Fremont, CA (U.S. headquarters)
13 SolarTech Universal Riviera Beach, FL
14 SolarWorld Americas Hillsboro, OR
15 Suniva Norcross, GA
16 Sunpower San Jose, CA (U.S. Headquarters)
17 SunSpark Riverside, CA
18 Tesla/Panasonic Buffalo, NY (U.S. manufacturing facility)

Your options and the economic impact

As a solar panel installer in the Washington D.C. area, we always offered the option to install an all-American option to our customers that wanted American solar panels. We still offer that option. But very few of our customers choose this. Why? Most customers have some kind of limitation in term of their budget for going solar. Honestly,  solar panels made in South Korea and China will provide you with a reliable solar system at a more manageable price.

Keep in mind, most of the labor for your solar project is on the part of the representative who meets with you, the operations staff who do the paperwork, and the installers, not the folks who made the panels in a factory. The clean energy jobs that your solar purchase supports are mostly in your local community!


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