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What firefighters need to know about rooftop solar panels

Our CEO and all-around solar educator Herve Billiet recently spent the better part of a week in July talking with Northern Virginia and Washington, DC[...]

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How much is solar saving me?

There isn't any guesswork in how your utility normally bills you for energy. There shouldn't be any guesswork involved in knowing your savings on that bill[...]

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Solar: Paying for Itself

Some may worry that going solar isn’t a good investment, but solar power pays for itself and is cheaper than you might think!


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Solar Tax Credit: Save While You Can

Solar power is cheaper than it has ever been, thanks to a 30% tax credit from the federal government. This credit makes solar for your home or business[...]

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Solar in Historic Districts

As urban solar installation expands around the country, projects begin to pop up in and around historic districts of various cities. Locally, areas like[...]

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Ipsun Solar Now Carbon Neutral!

Ipsun Solar is now a certified carbon-neutral company, adding another element to our commitment to a better environment. As a certified B Corporation, Ipsun[...]

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Installing Solar on Flat Roofs

Flat roof solar installation is both possible and affordable! With prices comparable to other rooftop installation costs, your flat roof is an excellent[...]

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Electric Vehicles: Snatch Up Savings!

Worried switching to an electric car is too expensive? Think again, there are many ways to save!

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Herve Billiet talks solar on The Building Code podcast

Our CEO Herve Billiet loves talking solar - here he runs through the prospect of saving on electric costs with solar, storage, and current incentives[...]

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Homeowners Insurance and Your Solar System

How do my solar panels relate to my homeowners insurance?

The good news is, most homeowners insurance plans will cover your PV solar system! As long as you[...]

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