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Homeowners Insurance and Your Solar System

How do my solar panels relate to my homeowners insurance?

The good news is, most homeowners insurance plans will cover your PV solar system! As long as you[...]

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DOEE Building Energy Performance Standards

In two years, the implementation of The Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) will begin all around the District of Columbia. Set forth by the[...]

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Incentives to Install an EV Charger

Types of Electric Vehicles (EV) Chargers

Solar panel installations and electric vehicle ownership often go hand-in-hand. If you are interested in making the[...]

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Energy and environment nonprofits in MD, DC and VA

Ipsun Solar installs solar in states where many nonprofits are working on energy and environmental issues. Here are some of the organizations whose efforts[...]

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Community Solar: What is it and could it be a good option for me?

What is community solar?

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Comparing solar quotes

When going solar, you’ll find that more than one company based near you offers the service you’re looking for. Let’s consider a complete home solar[...]

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Your solar panels will increase the value of your home!

A common concern is that going solar is too expensive, but in reality this energy transition will save you money in a variety of ways. According to a recent[...]

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Fossil Fuel Subsidies: Where are the true costs?

Fossil fuel subsidies cost governments around the world over 5 trillion dollars every year. This staggering number accounts for more than just government to[...]

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Defying the next Derecho: Grid Modernization for Washington, DC


Our team attended the DC Solar Congress presented by DC Solar United Neighbors earlier this month. For us, the most fascinating topic covered was grid[...]

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How does hail affect solar panels?

When you go solar, you can be assured the solar panels used for your project are the product of rigorous testing including hail tests.

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