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    This winter will bring the highest heating bills in years, says the EIA

    We all know that in recent months electricity and natural gas heating prices have gone up significantly, but unfortunately, it looks like this trend is set to[...]

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    COP27, the Resilience Race, and noteworthy voices of climate leaders

    Update: COP 27 ended this weekend -- you can see the results reported by the United Nations United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)[...]

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    Ipsun in the news: Rooftop solar panels are coming to Annandale High School, a first for FCPS

    Read all about the FCPS solar PPA contract in Angela Woolsey's great article in Ffx Now!

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    Fairfax County School Board Approves First Solar Contract

    Ipsun is proud to announce the approval of our first Fairfax County Public Schools solar installation! We were thrilled that the FCPS school board voted on[...]

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    Take advantage of your 30% solar tax credit today with zero-interest short-term financing!

    We’re excited about the new 30% federal tax credit for solar and battery storage, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on those peak summer rays because[...]

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    How can I take advantage of the new home electrification & energy efficiency tax credits?

    Right now we are loving the fall colors, the apple picking, and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes after a long hot DMV summer. But we’re also turning an eye toward[...]

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    Solar With Battery Backup Brings Homeowners Storm Resilience and Peace of Mind

    Battery backup with solar is on our minds as these beautiful fall colors remind us that winter storms are around the corner. In our area, power outages because[...]

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    With Electricity Prices Rising, Solar Brings Budget Stability

    A quick look at our electricity bill confirms what we're seeing in the news: monthly electricity prices are on the rise in Virginia. We wondered why and found[...]

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    Sun and sea: Offshore wind and other technologies you should know

    Did you visit a beach over the summer? Did you know there are opportunities for clean power from ocean-based sources? 

    You may be surprised to learn the[...]

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    How do the EV tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act work?

    If you have solar, you know that owning an electric vehicle is a no-brainer for greening your lifestyle and saving loads of cash. But if you tried to buy an EV[...]

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