13th February, 2019

Find out how clean your VA legislators are

If you're a utility customer and a voter in Virginia, you may be surprised to learn that the same entity you pay your electric bill to also has….

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8th February, 2019

Dump the pump: solar and your EV

When you drive an electric vehicle, you leave internal combustion engines behind and switch to an efficient, clean mode of automotive style! With….

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7th February, 2019

Ipsun Solar Supports the Current Green New Deal

Ipsun Solar's mission is to install as many solar panels as we can to fight climate change. The climate crisis is real and a threat to our….

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6th February, 2019

Tips for taking care of your solar tax credit

IRS Form and Instructions for your solar energy tax credit

Talk with your accountant or familiarize yourself with your preferred tax preparation….

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5th February, 2019

Solar Installer Fastest Growing Job In 8 States

Yahoo Finance came out with an interesting info-graphics about the fastest growing jobs in the U.S. 8 U.S. States have solar as the fastest….

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2nd February, 2019

Virginia Legislative Update - Highlights from this week

For a solar electric system installer like us, state level policy is important. Laws can allow or prohibit different models of solar ownership, ….

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1st February, 2019

Did We Just Witness The First Bankruptcy Due To Climate Change

Pacific Gas & Electric Corp filed for voluntary bankruptcy to protect itself of the liability claims posed by the victims of wildfires in….

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31st January, 2019

Ask your Congress rep to join the Solar Caucus

Name one industry that’s almost indisputably good for the environment, good for consumers, and good for fostering independently owned, local….

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26th January, 2019

Europeans March for Political Action on Climate Change

Every Thursday students in Belgium march for the climate. Young people want a future on this planet and want the politicians to take action. Last….

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25th January, 2019

Two-time Angie's list Superior Service Award

At Ipsun Solar we are happy to offer solar electric and related services that provide a great experience for our customers as well as excellent….

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