Save Green With New Lower Rates From Clean Energy Credit Union

Save Green With New Lower Rates From Clean Energy Credit Union

Our partnership with Clean Energy Credit Union allows us to offer some of the best loan rates you’ll find in the DMV, and they just got even better.

We're excited to announce that Clean Energy Credit Union has just reduced their rates for several types of loans. Because of our unique partnership with Clean Energy Credit Union via our membership in the Amicus Solar Cooperative, we are able to offer these rates to our customers, bringing you some of the lowest rates in the DMV area.

Clean Energy Credit Union is a revolutionary new financial institution that offers customized loans specifically tailored to clean energy products and services. They’re dedicated to helping people fund their green projects, lower their utility bills and live more sustainably. Loans offered for green products and services include residential solar electric systems, electric vehicles, insulation, weatherproofing, geothermal heat pumps, and electric-assist bicycles. 

Clean Energy CU's loan benefits and new rates:

  • Loans are custom designed for solar PV projects. You can even choose a solar “combo loan,” with a 12-18 month loan to cover your Federal tax credit, plus a 12–, 15-, or 20–year fixed rate loan on the remaining portion of your solar electric system cost.
  • 12-year loan rates are as low as 2.99%. 
  • 15-year loan rates have dropped as low as to 3.49%.
  • 20-year loan rates are as low as 3.99% 
  • Collateral on the loan is the solar equipment itself, not your home as in a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit, and your interest rate is not based on your credit score like a personal loan.

By using Clean Energy Credit Union, you’re not only getting these benefits, but you’re also doing good in the world. You’re participating in a system that mitigates climate change and spreads the use of renewable energy by helping other people pursue their renewable energy projects. 

How are these lower rates made possible?

Blake Jones, co-founder of Clean Energy Credit Union, said they are pleased to be able to lower rates as a result of their growth. "A major part of Clean Energy Credit Union’s mission is to decrease the cost of financing for clean energy projects throughout the USA," he said.

"Fortunately, Clean Energy Credit Union has gained a lot of traction since it launched almost two and half years ago, and as it continues to grow and achieve scale, it can continue to harness economies of scale and streamline its operations in order to improve its loan terms on an ongoing basis. Clean Energy Credit Union’s recent decrease in the interest rates for its clean energy loans reflects this commitment to ongoing improvement and cost reduction."  

Expertise and digital presence also result in savings

Jones cited two specific reasons for the drop in rates: "Clean Energy Credit Union focuses solely on clean energy lending, and therefore understands clean energy projects better than most lenders. Also, Clean Energy Credit Union is a digital/online-only financial institution without any brick-and-mortar branches, therefore without the associated overhead expense, enabling us to offer the lowest rates possible," he said. 

Do you want to be a part of the clean energy revolution, and participate in a process that not only gives you a great rate but also helps others get involved? Get in touch with our solar experts today to learn more about Clean Energy Credit Union's new lower rates, and find out what the possibilities are. We look forward to talking solar with you!

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