How Solar Works: The Technology, the Cost and the Process

How Solar Works: The Technology, the Cost and the Process

The more you read about it, the more you hear that solar is great for the planet and for our wallets. But you may be wondering, how does it actually work? Understanding the basic process and technology can help you understand how solar saves you money. Read on to learn the basics of Solar 101!

Is it really feasible for me to go solar now?

There’s never been a better time to go solar. The federal solar tax credit has been extended at 30% through 2032, so the sooner you take advantage of that savings the sooner you'll be reaping the benefits.

Solar also increases your home value. A recent Zillow study showed that homes with solar systems sold for about 4% more than those with typical energy systems. You can read more about the financial benefits of solar here.

How Does Solar Work?

Solar technology is pretty simple when you break it down. Check out the image below. Number one shows the solar panels on your roof. The panels are made of silicon (which is basically sand) compressed into cells which are able to convert the sun’s rays into electricity. That electricity comes through the panels as DC current. Read more about solar panels here.

Next, number two shows the wires running from the panels to the inverter. Each panel has small boxes called microinverters on the back, which run electricity through the wires to the inverter box attached to the outside wall. At the inverter box, the DC current is converted to AC current that your home can use. Read more about the benefits of microinverters here.

Number three shows your main electric service panel. Solar electricity from the inverter flows through this service panel into your home, or out to the grid.

Number four is the net meter. When you install a solar system on your home, the utility company will come and change out your regular meter for a net meter, which can measure the power flowing into your home as well as out to the grid. This allows you to participate in net metering and earn 1-to-1 credit on your electric bill for the extra power you generate. Read more about net metering here.

What is the Process?

There are many steps in any major home improvement project, and solar is no different. But Ipsun’s solar experts are here to walk you through it every step of the way. Begin with a free virtual quote from one of our consultants to get an idea of the viability of solar for your home. From there, we will work with you to design a custom system that fits your needs and budget.

In the construction phase, it’ll take time to go through permitting and procurement of your materials, but when installation time comes, that process will typically only take about two days. From there, once the install passes inspection and the utility company connects you to the power grid, you’re running on sun power!

Give us a call at (866) 484-7786, or connect with us online to learn more. We love talking solar, especially now that it’s officially “the king of the electricity market!”

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