Solar Insure offers extra confidence to solar and battery owners

Solar Insure offers extra confidence to solar and battery owners

Solar energy systems and home battery storage installations are on the rise, with a 30% increase in residential installations in the US last quarter. Many homeowners install solar and battery storage because it gives them peace of mind knowing their power is clean and green, and that their lights will always come on even if the grid is down. So nothing should shake that sense of security, least of all worries about liability if the warranties on equipment and workmanship expire. That’s why Ipsun Solar partners with Solar Insure for a 30-year extended warranty option for solar and a 20-year extended warranty on batteries.

Are manufacturer warranties enough anymore?

It’s a tricky world. At the same time that solar popularity has skyrocketed, individual solar manufacturers are in a shifting landscape and provide warranties that customers may or may not feel confident about. Is there a fund for payouts to customers for faulty panels warranty claims? How big is it and how long could it last? What if the manufacturer goes insolvent? We wouldn’t want any solar buyer to worry unduly about these scenarios, least of all our Ipsun customers. 

Solar Insure has been doing what they do for 15 years, earning trust by following through when they’re supposed to. All Tier 1 solar brands are eligible, SolarEdge and Enphase inverters are covered, as well as Tesla and Enphase batteries.  Solar Insurance can cover systems up to 200kW and supplements the owner’s homeowners insurance (which still applies for events like fires or severe storms with wind downing trees or hail battering your home) and solar manufacturer warranty. 

Be sure that nothing sabotages the solar system you own

With Solar Insure, there’s a clear and easy process if any part of your solar or battery system needs to be repaired.

Solar Insure protects your solar investment with:

  • No deductible
  • Covers labor as well as replacement components and materials, with hourly and per truck roll rates to sufficiently cover real-life maintenance visits by our talented solar technicians. You won’t be receiving unexpected bills for things you expect to be covered-- no worries.
  • Homeowner is directly insured with A-rated backing
  • The plan is transferable fee-free if the solar system changes ownership

20-year extended battery warranty includes:

  • Monitoring technology reports component failures to our service department.
  • $0 deductible for covered claims.
  • Replacement covered if below 30% capacity between years 10 and 20. 

Processing time for claims is about 2 days, the filing process is all online, and customer service is available 24/7. 

We are excited that Solar Insure solar and battery coverage is available and opens the door to greater longevity and flexibility in solar warranties for our customers. We'd love to talk with you about Solar Insure!

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