Support Solar Freedom at the DC PSC on May 29

Support Solar Freedom at the DC PSC on May 29

The rights of residents and all energy customers in DC, VA and MD, the areas where we install solar panels, to take full advantage of the clean energy production potential on their property is important to us. We've been following a matter at the Washington, DC Public Utilities Commission that concerns the rules that govern solar energy installations. We're sharing some of what we hope the PSC will do to further encourage more solar deployment. An upcoming meeting on Wednesday, May 29 is an opportunity to add your voice!


DC GHG reduction goals graph (2)There are so many great reasons to choose to invest in your own clean energy resource in Washington, DC right now. DC’s SRECs market and full credit net metering program make going solar a great choice for both residents and businesses. The 30% federal tax credit for going solar applies for the rest of 2019 before decreasing, and the price of panels and entire full-service installations have come down tremendously in recent years, making for great value and financial benefit. We've also learned more about the consequences of our reliance on fossil fuel sources of the past, and residents of DC are motivated to take direct action.

Disagreement arose in 2018 over some of the rules governing connecting solar panels systems to the grid in DC. A working group has been meeting since fall 2018, with the goal of reaching consensus to recommend rule changes to address the steep interconnection cost for solar projects in PEPCO service area the customers and installers have to bear, and permit processing that slow projects down.


  • Remove the 100%-of-usage limit for solar project size. It’s outdated and runs contrary to DC’s climate and energy goals, including 50% renewable energy by 2032 - Read more about the Clean Energy DC Plan
  • We also support fixes to something called CREF, which is a program for other energy customers to subscribe to one customer's solar installation. Clarifying that the solar installation does not need to be "directly interconnected" to the grid will save CREF customers on project costs and encourage more such projects.

Talking Points

solar_install-300x200-1For the customer who is going solar to fight for a livable climate, there are already real limits on size such as budget and available roof space.

Just because you’re smart about not wasting energy doesn’t mean you should be forced to build a much smaller solar panels project and leave much of your roof without solar panels on it. We are asking that the individual solar project size limit be set at 200% of annual demand.

Meeting Details

More information about the meeting - see this official meeting announcement.

Be there 10am-1pm, at 1300 G St. NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC.

Anyone who cares about solar energy in the District should attend!


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