Climate change

Climate Change in Action: PG&E’s California Blackouts Should Be A Wake Up Call For Change

Amicus SOS Trailer stands ready to help with critical charging and water filtration needs in Northern CA

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Ethiopian Trees Fight Climate Change

On July 29, Ethiopia announced it had planted over 350 million trees in one day! This enormous effort breaks previous tree-planting records, and was[...]
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Every solar installation helps the climate

Your solar install does help the climate - here’s how.

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This Arlington church has first ever blue cross design on its solar array

Thinking globally while acting locally, Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Arlington, Virginia is going solar, with what is now the largest solar[...]

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Big Oil Companies and the Climate Crisis

73% of Americans polled by Yale University late last year agree that climate change is happening.

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Virginia Legislative Update - Highlights from this week

For a solar electric system installer like us, state level policy is important. Laws can allow or prohibit different models of solar ownership, help or[...]

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Did We Just Witness The First Bankruptcy Due To Climate Change

Pacific Gas & Electric Corp filed for voluntary bankruptcy to protect itself of the liability claims posed by the victims of wildfires in California. The[...]

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Europeans March for Political Action on Climate Change

Every Thursday students in Belgium march for the climate. Young people want a future on this planet and want the politicians to take action. Last week about[...]

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