Two-time Angie's list Superior Service Award

    At Ipsun Solar we are happy to offer solar electric and related services that provide a great experience for our customers as well as excellent results.

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    Tariffs and Trade Disputes Impacting U.S. Solar

    CivicSolar wrote a nice piece on the current situation of tariffs and trade disputes that impact the solar industry. While most of our clients for residential[...]

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    We Welcome our 5 Summer Interns


    Ipsun Power - Summer Interns 2018

    Ipsun Power welcomes 5 interns this summer for their internship in partnership with The Fund For American Studies [...]

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    Affordable Solar is Real in Virginia But This "Special Program" Isn't

    Aaron Sutch from Solar United Neighbors wrote an excellent piece of advice that we are re-posting on our website:

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