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Commission controversy in DC

Today, three members of the DC Council (Cheh, Allen and McDuffie) appeared in a public round table - the date and time of which was only announced last[...]

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Moving to Northern Virginia for Amazon National Landing? Get solar

Moving to the DC area to work at Amazon National Landing? If you'll be owning a home, you'll be happy to learn that going solar is easy to do in most areas of[...]
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Ipsun's DC Clean Energy Omnibus Act Testimony

Testimony: The Clean Energy DC Omnibus Act of 2018

Hervé Billiet, Ipsun Power's CEO, gave the following comments in support of the pending local renewable[...]

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Ipsun Power just became a B Corp certified business

At Ipsun Power, our mission is to install as much solar as possible in the Washington DC metro area. We are a solar company and we take our social[...]

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Green Drinks Networking Event on the Roof of The Watergate

To mingle and mix with those pursuing clean energy solutions in the D.C. area, there's no place like Green Drinks DC!

At the most recent event, a Rooftop[...]

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Solar Market Saving Costs For Utilities


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DC City Council Moves To Open Up Local Energy Market

We follow local DC policy and its implications for affordable commercial and residential solar in Washington. Earlier this year members of the D.C.’s City[...]

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Net metering rules in MD, VA, and D.C.

Utilities in our area have solar size limits to how large your solar energy system should be. These limits are to presumably protect the utility from having[...]

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Ipsun Power Grand Opening Celebration with Green Drinks DC

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Income from Solar for Businesses in DC

Do you want to make your business more profitable, cut costs, promote energy efficiency and use solar to enhance your brand and save money by making your[...]

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