Why is my utility bill going up? And will it continue to rise?

    The recent rise in energy prices in our area is not only causing an increase at the pump, but also causing utility bills to soar. The reasons for both[...]

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    What I'm Learning During the COVID Pandemic About Our Climate Change Emergency

    Thoughts from Ipsun's co-founder and CEO, Herve Billiet.

    The COVID pandemic in 2020 and 2021 has changed the world and many lives. I'll go over a few things[...]

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    Tesla released a solar inverter for home owners. The point of view of a solar installer.

    Tesla just released its own solar inverter. What is an inverter and why is this an important move?

    Read the point of view of a solar installer.

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    Battery backup is there when a grid outage hits

    Disruptive, dangerous extreme weather can strike any season, any year, and just about any time. For residents and businesses looking to deal with the risk of[...]

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