How to request HOA approval for your solar project

    If you’ve planned a solar project for your home and you have a homeowners association (HOA) in your neighborhood, it’s possible you’ll be asked to submit some[...]

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    How to Help Your HOA Approve Your Solar Project

    If you have a Homeowners Association, you will probably need to submit some paperwork to them as part of the process of going solar. Our solar consultants and[...]

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    Action Alert: Help us Protect Homeowners' Solar Rights!

    Last spring, we were thrilled when Solar United Neighbors and other solar advocates efforts to pass legislation clarifying homeowners' rights within an HOA[...]

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    The Effect of Solar Panel Orientation and Azimuth on Their Performance

    Solar being installed on roofs are rarely installed in an ideal setting. Ipsun Solar installs solar modules on residential and commercial properties and most[...]

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    Can HOAs stop solar panels?

    While a homeowners' association (HOA) can't prevent you from installing solar panels in Maryland and Virginia, it's good practice to fill out the required[...]

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