Net metering

    Understanding Virginia Solar Net Metering and Your Dominion Utility Bill

    When you switch to solar energy, your Dominion utility bill will change because you will be participating in net metering. Wondering what net metering actually[...]

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    Huge Win For Solar! FERC Rejects Net Metering Challenge

    It was a huge victory for the solar community yesterday as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rejected a petition from the New England Rate Payers[...]

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    What is Solar Net Metering and How Does it Affect My Utility Bill?

    There are so many reasons that people decide to go solar, like fighting climate change or wanting energy independence, but one thing everyone looks forward to[...]

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    Tell FERC: Hands Off Our Solar Rights!

    A recent filing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is threatening to end utilities' practice of fairly compensating solar owners for their excess[...]

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    I Just Installed Solar Panels. Why Isn’t My Utility Bill Lower?

    There are so many reasons that people decide to go solar, from environmental to financial, but one thing everyone looks forward to is a lower utility bill.[...]

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    Recorded Live: Our CEO Herve presents at solar church

    On March 9th, we spoke to a large group of community members at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Arlington, Virginia. The church recently had 319[...]

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    Solar in Virginia

    Northern Virginia residents and businesses are in luck. You already know this of course - it's a beautiful place to live. We prioritize education, community[...]

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    Net metering rules in MD, VA, and D.C.

    Utilities in our area have solar size limits to how large your solar energy system should be. These limits are to presumably protect the utility from having[...]

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