Rooftop solar

    Should I Replace My Roof Before Going Solar?

    If you're thinking about solar, you've probably asked yourself these questions: Is my roof in good enough shape to support a solar energy system? How do I know[...]

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    Why should I install a squirrel guard?

    Squirrel guard is a low-profile, metal screen that clips to the underside of the perimeter of the solar array to keep out squirrels and other critters that are[...]

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    Installing Solar on Flat Roofs

    Flat roof solar installation is both possible and affordable! With prices comparable to other rooftop installation costs, your flat roof is an excellent[...]

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    Americans love rooftop solar

    According to a recent article in The Economist, rooftop solar remains marginal in America. Blame a patchwork of regulation, utilities and an immature business[...]

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