How much is solar saving me?

    There isn't any guesswork in how your utility normally bills you for energy. There shouldn't be any guesswork involved in knowing your savings on that bill[...]

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    Solar: Paying for Itself

    Some may worry that going solar isn’t a good investment, but solar power pays for itself and is cheaper than you might think!

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    Solar Power Project in Progress at Our Lady Queen of Peace

    In 2018, Our Lady Queen of Peace, a Catholic church in Arlington, VA arranged with Ipsun Power, a solar energy contractor, based in Northern Virginia, to [...]

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    Solar industry launches plan to cut red tape

    Solar installations are beneficial, safe and a good complement to the buildings that incorporate them.

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    An introduction to our marketing team

    We'd love to help you go solar, and that's a message our marketing team sends out far and wide.

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    Solar Industry In Virginia On The Rise

    In 2017, Virginia ranked 10th as the nation’s largest solar industry. While its ranking fell slightly in 2018, the Commonwealth still remains one of the[...]

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    Affordable Solar is Real in Virginia But This "Special Program" Isn't

    Aaron Sutch from Solar United Neighbors wrote an excellent piece of advice that we are re-posting on our website:

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    Is Solar Power Cheaper than Coal?

    We know that solar is clean and coal is destructive when mined, polluting when burned for energy, and dirty when the waste materials are stored improperly. But[...]

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    Group Purchase Option for CircleWoods Residents

    Ipsun Power provides the residents of the CircleWoods Community a Group purchase option to go solar. If you've considered solar in the past but heard it could[...]

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    Why would anyone go solar? The pros and cons

    Every day we get the question, "Why install solar panels?" Let's make a quick list of all the common reasons to do it - reasons that hold true for both[...]

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