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Luck of the stylish: 4 new ways to outsmart misfortune, with solar + battery

How lucky we are! We live in a time when high-quality solar and storm alert-connected home batteries are available to install at almost any home. In the spirit[...]

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Battery Backup Is There When A Grid Outage Hits

Extreme weather is disruptive and dangerous and can occur at any time of the year.  For homeowners looking to prepare for when the power goes out, it's always[...]

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Solar With Battery Backup Brings Homeowners Storm Resilience and Peace of Mind

Battery backup with solar is on our minds as these beautiful fall colors remind us that winter storms are around the corner. In our area, power outages because[...]

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Battery Backup Basics: Your top six questions about home battery storage

This week, we volunteered at a local day camp with a Harry Potter theme. Dressed as Professor Tonks, complete with purple hair and combat boots, I showed 140[...]

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IRS storage ruling: Residential retrofits get 30% ITC

The IRS private letter ruling issued on 3/2/2018 indicates that a residential solar system that is retrofitted with energy storage is eligible for the 30% ITC.[...]

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