All About SRECs: Your Top Questions, Including How to Register and How They Work

    Now that we have SREC markets across our entire service areaVirginia, Maryland and DCmany of our customers have questions about exactly what SRECs are and[...]

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    When will the Virginia SREC Market Happen?

    This is a great question that so many of our Virginia customers are asking. We're hopeful that Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) will be made available[...]
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    Action Alert: VA SRECs are in danger. Please submit your comments!

    The Virginia State Corporation Commission is currently setting the rules for the Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA)'s solar carveout, which will affect the[...]
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    What the heck is an SREC?

    Solar Renewable Energy Credits, or SRECs, are a type of solar incentive that help speed up the return on your solar investment. SRECs aren’t available in every[...]

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