Taking 2019 Tax Credit for 2018 solar project

    Many people ask us towards the end of the year if they can take the tax credit even with the solar energy system they signed a contract for is not installed[...]

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    Solar in Virginia

    Northern Virginia residents and businesses are in luck. You already know this of course - it's a beautiful place to live. We prioritize education, community[...]

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    IRS storage ruling: Residential retrofits get 30% ITC

    The IRS private letter ruling issued on 3/2/2018 indicates that a residential solar system that is retrofitted with energy storage is eligible for the 30% ITC.[...]

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    Why would anyone go solar? The pros and cons

    Every day we get the question, "Why install solar panels?" Let's make a quick list of all the common reasons to do it - reasons that hold true for both[...]

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    Income from Solar for Businesses in DC

    Do you want to make your business more profitable, cut costs, promote energy efficiency and use solar to enhance your brand and save money by making your[...]

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