Tax credit

    Tax Time Tips to Claim Your 30% Solar Credit

    **This post has been updated to reflect the new 30% solar tax credit extension brought by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Read here for more info about the[...]

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    How to Safe Harbor your commercial solar project and secure your 30% tax credit

    At Ipsun, we're here to help your business have a great solar journey, which includes making the most of your tax credit. 

    ***This post has been updated to[...]

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    Tips for taking care of your solar tax credit

    IRS Form and Instructions for your solar energy tax credit

    Talk with your accountant or familiarize yourself with your preferred tax preparation software to[...]

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    Solar in Virginia

    Northern Virginia residents and businesses are in luck. You already know this of course - it's a beautiful place to live. We prioritize education, community[...]

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    The latest from the IRS on the solar tax credit

    This post was originally written at the end of 2018, and some of this holds true in 2020. See more of what we know about the federal solar tax credit here.[...]

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    How does the tax credit for solar panels work?

    For residential projects:

    How much: 30% of the full project cost (including hardware and labor costs), with no upper limit. Timing: Claim the credit after[...]
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