Utility bill

    Understanding Virginia Solar Net Metering and Your Dominion Utility Bill

    When you switch to solar energy, your Dominion utility bill will change because you will be participating in net metering. Wondering what net metering actually[...]

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    This winter will bring the highest heating bills in years, says the EIA

    We all know that in recent months electricity and natural gas heating prices have gone up significantly, but unfortunately, it looks like this trend is set to[...]

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    Why is my utility bill going up? And will it continue to rise?

    The recent rise in energy prices in our area is not only causing an increase at the pump, but also causing utility bills to soar. The reasons for both[...]

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    What is Solar Net Metering and How Does it Affect My Utility Bill?

    There are so many reasons that people decide to go solar, like fighting climate change or wanting energy independence, but one thing everyone looks forward to[...]

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    Register Now for our Solar 101 Webinar!

    Grab a sandwich and join Ipsun for our new Lunch and Learn webinar series! 

    Have you been wondering exactly how solar works? Or how going solar can save you[...]

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    I Just Installed Solar Panels. Why Isn’t My Utility Bill Lower?

    There are so many reasons that people decide to go solar, from environmental to financial, but one thing everyone looks forward to is a lower utility bill.[...]

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    What will my Utility bill look like with solar?

    Do you wonder what your power bill will look like once you have solar panels installed on your roof? Wonder no more!

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