Tesla Powerwall brings energy security to your home

Tesla Powerwall brings energy security to your home

We all know the feeling. The lights flicker, your electronics click on and off, maybe a zap of a transformer amidst the thunder and lightning, and boom, your power's out. Ugh.

As hurricane season approaches, we all dread this feeling, especially because these days you never know how long it'll be until the lights come back on. Now imagine no flickers as the storm continues outside, and your lights stay on as your neighborhood goes dark. Call your friends and tell them your freezer's got room for their stuff!

This is life with Tesla Powerwall, but this is not the only advantage to installing battery storage along with your solar energy system. Customers who have installed Tesla Powerwall with us have cited loads of reasons they love having their power stored at home and ready to use. 

Saving money and gaining peace of mind

Blythe Merritt and Kim Angeli say they love using battery storage to charge their EV with solar energy: "We have an electric car, but we are still saving money on our utility bill. Filling the Powerwalls when the sun is out enables us to charge the car with solar energy even after the sun goes down."

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Other customers choose battery storage because they need the energy security and peace of mind. Customers with medical equipment at home need to know the power will always be on, and similarly, many barn owners choose Tesla Powerwall to ensure their animals are well cared for even if the grid goes down. 

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Nic Orleans said he loves the control he has over his energy use: "I can look at my app and control the timing of when I use power from the grid versus the battery. That helps me reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible and that's important to me."

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Explore the possibilities

Ipsun is proud to be a Certified Tesla Powerwall installer. We offer a 10-year warranty on the equipment and 1-year warranty on the labor. And did you know that the 26% federal tax credit that covers solar also applies to battery backup systems? You can even get the credit if you install the battery after you installed your solar. True facts!

You can learn more about Tesla Powerwall battery storage by watching our recent webinar about Solar + Storage. Check it out below, and then get in touch to learn more. Our solar consultants can walk you through the possibilities and help you get a handle on how battery storage could work for you!

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