The 12 Gifts of Solar: a dozen ways every project spreads cheer

The 12 Gifts of Solar: a dozen ways every project spreads cheer

'Tis the season to give tokens of love to the people near and dear to us. As we all celebrate winter holidays and exchange gifts, we’re often seeking items that have a positive impact on the planet. Every solar project is like that too, giving back in multiple ways, just by being built and activated. Here are Ipsun Solar’s 12 Gifts of Solar, which, though it may not be singable, loudly praises our favorite energy source in all its glory.

🎵 On the first day of Christmas, my solar gave to me...

A cheaper power bill, permanently!

The energy offset on your utility cost starts instantly the day the system comes on, and runs as long as the 25-year warranty and 40+ year operability of the system. 

That’s a heap of future holiday seasons powered by solar!

📯 On the second day of Christmas, my solar gave to me...

A bump for U.S. manufacturing

Panel makers like QCELLS, which Ipsun Solar proudly offers, are investing in new facilities to assemble panels in states like Georgia, where QCELLS will soon have two working gigafactories. Every new solar project helps boost these massive clean energy employers.

🎶 On the third day of Christmas, my solar gave to me...

Deep cuts in carbon

According to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, solar panels reduce carbon dioxide more per acre than any other use, even trees!

🎺 On the fourth day of Christmas, my solar gave to me...

A breath of healthier air

Unlike burning dirty fossil fuels, solar technology is clean and keeps byproducts like sulfur dioxides and nitrogen oxides as well as dangerous particulates out of the emissions mix.

🎻 On the fifth day of Christmas, my solar gave to me...

Good jobs at local installation firms

Every install supports the faces of the solar revolution in every community wherever solar is going up, for professionals in sales, project operations and engineering, marketing and management, and probably most importantly, the field technicians! (The third-fastest growing career in the US in the next 10 years, by the way!) 

Solar contracting is labor intensive and worth it: our neighbors are upgrading the housing in our neighborhoods to produce electricity right at the same location where it’s needed.

🎵 On the sixth day of Christmas, my solar gave to me...

Less gas dependence

Natural gas, though called cleaner-burning than coal, can have staggeringly high climate pollution emissions throughout its lifecycle. More solar, energy efficiency, and other renewables directly reduce the need for new gas plants and fracking.

📯 On the seventh day of Christmas, my solar gave to me...

An inspiration for potential solar owners in my neighborhood

There’s always that person who doesn’t take an opportunity seriously until it lands in their lap, or maybe lands on his neighbor’s rooftop. No, it’s not a team of 8 reindeer and a sleigh - it’s a solar installation! For those who have missed the fact that beautiful, sleek, high-efficiency solar systems are available, seeing a gorgeous solar project close to home is the greatest gift of all.

🎶 On the eighth day of Christmas, my solar gave to me...

Less pressure on the electric grid

Solar production, which graphs as a curve as the sun reaches its high point before descending, tends to partly overlap with a high-demand part of the day, which graphs as a curve too. The more solar is on the grid being consumed at home or sent out via lines and net metering helps to smooth out the peak of this curve, saving stress and cost for the grid

📯 On the ninth day of Christmas, my solar gave to me...

Homes selling for more, and faster

According to Zillow, sales average 4% more and tend to be timely. Sellers are more on-the-ball than ever with mentioning solar as a feature and playing up the property’s low energy bills, and homebuyers are duly familiar with how home solar works and how to ask for monitoring to be transferred. 

🎺 On the tenth day of Christmas, my solar gave to me...

No impact on the water supply

While other energy sources from coal power to gas plants to nuclear energy require water cooling, solar doesn’t. Moreover solar power will not flag in production when heat waves and droughts cause interruptions and outages elsewhere.

🎻 On the eleventh day of Christmas, my solar gave to me...

Non-owners investing in solar

Thanks to entities like the Clean Energy Credit Union and Credit Human many people looking to invest in solar without (or after) buying their own system can do so, helping to back the solar future for a new crop of loan users and spread the benefits of solar, on and on.

🎶 On the twelfth day of Christmas, my solar gave to me...

A growing renewables movement

Though our winter holidays go by different names and are celebrated for different reasons, we are all passengers on this spaceship named earth and have a chance to help take care of it. Every act that furthers the movement to harness solar energy counts, from recommending that friend look at solar for their home to nudging someone you know who’s looking for a job change to consider the thriving field of solar. Every completed solar installation gives the gift of a better future for us all. 

So best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season, and may your days be sunny and bright! ☀️

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