Wondering How to Help When We Can't Leave the House?

Wondering How to Help When We Can't Leave the House?

Us too. We're thinking about our community and know there are so many people in need right now. And when times get tough it’s a natural reaction to look around and see how you can help others. But how do we do that when the most helpful thing we can do is stay at home?

Thankfully, our grassroots partners have shared links to organizations that can use our help in this time of crisis. Please check out their websites, share this information with anyone you know who needs help, and learn how we can lend a hand while also practicing safe social distancing.

  • Fairfax County Public Schools is committed to providing meal assistance to Fairfax students and their families. This distribution map shows all of the locations where meals are available. You can donate to help FCPS' efforts here.
  • Capital Area Food Bank is doing incredible work offering pop-up food pantries, school take-away meals for kids, and senior programs for groceries and meals. Their Covid response page has a wealth of information about food pick-up locations in DC and Maryland, and at the bottom of the page shows how you can volunteer or donate. 
  • Food for Others, Fairfax county's largest food bank, is seeking food donations that you can purchase from Amazon. You can order the most needed items and have the food sent straight to them. Click here to help
  • Britepaths is a great local organization in VA that helps families get on their feet with job assistance, budgeting help and other resources. Right now they're helping the families they work with avoid eviction, pay their utility bills and feed their kids. Click here to help.

We'll continue to share resources and opportunities to lend a hand as we learn about them. Please reach out to us if you hear of other ways to help our community! Hope our Ipsun family is hanging in there - stay safe and healthy everyone!

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